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Swansea Waste Collection

Swansea Waste Collection

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No matter quantity or place, we’ll endeavour to satisfy your needs for the removal of your hazardous waste. Examples include:

Site Close / Move
House Clearance
Lab Clearance
Fresh Compound Products
We can provide an all-inclusive project management service for site clearances, move and clean ups. We work alongside bureaus including the Environment Agency and Health & Safety Executive, insurance companies and building contractors to ensure conformity and customer satisfaction.

Recycling Building Waste

Our method of recycling was created on principles of economical and environmental sustainability.

We’ve identified the six key waste flows that originate on building jobs and have found recycling answers for them all. We continuously monitor the waste flows we roll up and are consistently trying to find new recycling alternatives.

By using our individual waste flow collection service you’ll be able to ensure that the substances removed from your building site will probably be recycled.

Waste collection Swansea

Swansea Waste Collection

Waste collection Swansea

We feel that waste disposal, waste collection and waste recycling should not need to cost the Earth and that entire deflection away from landfill is essential if we’re to deliver a future for the generations to come.

To support this aim, here at Local waste management, we use advanced and environmentally sound alternatives for commercial waste recycling, for example office waste recycling and commerce waste recycling, amongst others, to be able to fulfil our duty to our planet and to our clients. We are so pleased with our commercial waste collection and recycling and reuse service that we even made a movie about it which you’ll be able to find here.

Bearing in mind that landfill operators have executed cost increases, in addition to the continuing rises in landfill tax and waste disposal prices, the edges of our service much outweigh conventional waste disposal techniques, as alongside the environmental gains waste recycling and reuse brings, clients can save on average between 10-15% on their yearly waste management prices additionally.

In a nutshell, we make recycling simple, minimising the cost to Earth as well as the price to your own pocket.

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