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Swansea Bin Collection

Swansea Bin Collection

We offer a “one stop” service for bin collection to a wide spectrum of substantial waste generating organisations nationally from business sectors including manufacturing, health care and hospitality.

Commercial Waste Collections Swansea

We offer a clear-cut, dynamic way of handling waste on behalf of consumers by:

  • Comprehension customers waste management demands
  • Identifying essential development opportunities
  • Showing practical alternatives and alternatives
  • Executing and providing solid development
  • Supplying constant waste management support
  • We offer waste recycling options to big single site and multi website customers, underpinned through one point of contact and dedicated account management support.

We completely comprehend the waste management sector. We’ve many years expertise working with blue chip businesses in Britain.

Non-hazardous waste treatment and recycling

Our safe and effective treatment procedures plan to minimise reliance on landfill as a disposal alternative. With options to take care of source segregated waste or transport of combined substances to a centralised treatment or recycling facility, we provide options appropriate for all demands.

Our non-hazardous waste treatment and recycling capacities comprise:

* Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
* Retrieval and recycling of wood
* Bulking of segregated recyclable materials
* Food waste composting
* Energy from waste
* Decommissioning

Commercial waste Swansea

Swansea Bin Collection

Commercial Nonhazardous waste
Though we all agree that landfill ought to be the last resort in regards to handling waste, it still has a part to play.

The Government, following European policy, is trying to support us all to find methods to cease creating waste, reusing and recycling more and preventing landfill.

Our landfills are carefully engineered and present virtually no danger to the surroundings. We’re quite heavily controlled by the Environment Agency and have a great history in running our websites nicely.

Asbestos disposal occurs within our dangerous Landfill at Swansea. Our highly specialised website is just one of just a little smattering in all of the UK that may supply this significant service

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