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Commercial Waste Collection Swansea

Commercial Waste Collection Swansea

We’re at the frontier of commercial waste management specialising in the restoration of inert waste, we’ve recently expanded our operations to offer various waste recovery options


*Sustainable Aggregates
*Waste Resource Management

Local waste management offer an inert waste disposal facility, the inert waste may be purchased to our Neath Abbey site or we can organize a complete muckaway service. We run our own fleet of lorries and dumpsters to service the South Wales region.

Our Recycled Aggregates…
Local waste management have totally lifted the bar in the standard of recycled aggregates and we consider our aggregates are of the best quality avaliable in Wales.

Our Waste Management services…

Local waste management have lately opened their waste transfer station on site in Neath Abbey Wharf, Neath and provide a complete selection of general waste management and recycling services to the other side of the South West Wales place..
Our assignment…
We pride ourselves in offering a great service, we react to our customers needs quickly and economically.

Local waste management supplies environmentally responsible waste management options that save you cash and guarantee reassurance.

Drawing knowledge from over 35 years of expertise in the waste sector, we’re a flourishing family business specialising in the execution and administration of bespoke waste management options that guarantee economies to your waste removal procedures.

Our focus as a company would be to drive the decrease in waste, help to raise the speed of recycling, and finally to decrease the volume of waste sent to landfill. Our execution of eco-friendly processes naturally results in fiscal savings and improved environmental credentials.

Our adaptive method of waste management permits us to fulfil the role of your waste section, bringing unparalleled degrees of wisdom and expertise, delivered through a totally transparent and totally unique business model that ensures complete visibility and responsibility.

Recycling Swansea

By performing this vital and significant recycling service we contribute significantly to the reduction of waste products and together with the objective to reduce additional damage to the surroundings.

Our Firm’s main focus will be to give you a quick and effective service to gather any redundant electric and electronic gear.

We can offer an all-inclusive service to Companies, Schools, Faculties and Families in responsibly recycling any WEEE. Local waste management’s ethos where potential, will be to refurbish waste and decrease the likelihood of such apparatus ending up in landfills.

We’re a competitive business, constantly striving to supply our clients with top quality information, guidance as well as a value for money service. Our purpose will be to help you in suitably recycling any WEEE you’ve.

We pride ourselves in helping you to play your part in recycling responsibly finally helping develop a greener future!

‘Local waste management are little enough to care, large enough to deliver’…

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